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Blue filters to reduce strain


The harmful effects of blue light from the Sun have been known for decades. In fact, the high energy waves are only slightly less powerful than the UV rays that can damage our eyes and skin.

But blue light isn’t just a danger outside – a smaller amount is emitted from our computer monitors, smartphones and fluorescent lights. Just one hour of screen time can cause symptoms of digital eye strain such as dry, itchy eyes, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches and neck and back pain. There’s even evidence that prolonged exposure can speed up macular degeneration, a serious disease of the retina.

Children’s eyes can’t filter blue light as effectively as ours, so hours in front of a computer can increase the risk of developing nearsightedness and attention focusing issues as well as causing problems with sleep.

That’s why we prescribe premium, smart blue filter lenses to our patients – and our own children.

Dr Tang has partnered with Essilor, the world leader in prescription eyewear, to offer high-quality, blue filter lenses to suit any style of frame. Essilor’s Sapphire Blue UV and Crizal Prevencia lenses, developed with the Paris Vision Institute, deliver exceptional clarity and colour while blocking the harmful rays of blue light. They’re are also resistant to smudges, dust and water.


Stylish designer frames

We have an eye for fashion and style so we work directly with the very best eyewear designers and manufacturers in Europe to offer an impressive selection of the latest beautifully-designed frames at unbeatable prices. 

In our flagship Balgowlah store you’ll find everything from Lindberg’s award-winning, rimless titanium and the precision craftsmanship of Mykita to always-iconic Raybans. Whatever your taste in glasses or sunglasses.  you’ll always be able to find the perfect frame, whatever your budget.

Choose from LindbergMykitaTom FordGarret LeightPradaTiffanyPorscheRaybanSafilo, SmithOakley,  Arnette,  Charles Stone,  BolonWiliam MorrisRayban Junior and Oakley Junior.

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